How to Avoid Common Septic System Problems Near Federal Way

Septic-System-Problems-Federal-WayYour septic system is important and if it’s not in good condition, you could end up with a variety of problems. The best way to keep your septic tank running well is to stay on top of its care and maintenance. Knowing how to avoid some common septic system problems can help. 

Get Regular Pumping

The best thing you can do to keep your septic system running is to get it pumped regularly. A full tank can become a serious issue very quickly. 

Watch Your Water Use

Excessive water usage, such as doing multiple loads of laundry in a short period or running the dishwasher frequently, can overwhelm the septic system and prevent proper treatment of wastewater.

Chemical Damage

Pouring chemicals like bleach, paint, solvents, or excessive amounts of cleaning products down the drain can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the septic tank, hindering the treatment process.

Clear the Drainfield

If your drainfield is blocked by objects, it may not work properly. Keep your drainfield clear of things like furniture, air conditioners, and large plants like trees or shrubs. Driving heavy vehicles or equipment over the drainfield can compact the soil, damage pipes, or even crush the septic tank, causing significant problems with the system.

Need Help With Septic System Problems in Federal Way?

Keeping up with your septic tank’s maintenance is important if you want to keep your home working properly and safely. Lee’s Septic Service offers high-quality pumping services and repair as well as design and installation. We also provide service for drain fields, side sewer repair, and sewer pump installation. With complete services, we’re your one-stop shop for all your septic and sewer needs. Contact us today!

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